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PostSubject: RPG Rules   RPG Rules Icon_minitimeSat Aug 21, 2010 7:52 pm

Hello! I'm Willow, the admin of this forum! Here's the rules...

1. Yes, the wolves talk to each other. As in "What's up?" the wolf barked. Do not make your wolves just say "grrr." You are encouraged, however, to use wolf gestures. Example: Wolfie rolled over, gesturing that she wanted to play.

2. Please be active, especially if you're a moderator.

3. Wolves must be wild and usually part of a pack. You may, however, create a "disperser wolf," more commonly known as a rogue wolf, or a wolf without a pack.

4. No humans.. Remember, you're a wolf, not a human. The only exception is if I put up a human-related plot line.

5. The only "evil" wolves are picked out and given to people I choose who are on my plot list, who will role-play them.

6. To get on my plot list, at least one of your wolves have to have died. Yes, in this RPG, your wolf can die. But in order not to get killing their wolves off to get on my list, all deaths are approved by me or another moderator. When your wolf dies, adopt a new wolf or create a new one, unless I send you a message and tell you otherwise. All mods are automatically on my list.

7. When you fight, you do not choose if the attack hits or not. That is up to the opponent to decide. Why? To prevent "god moding." Example: Sky leaped onto Shadow and immediately killed him!

8. Wolf names must be either one or two REAL words. Acceptable: Sky, Shadow, Night Shade, Twin Stars, etc. Unacceptable: Yushgrijf, Bird Flying OVer There Into That Tree, etc. XD

9. If you do something wrong, you will be warned. If you are warned 2 times, your account will be disabled for a week. If you are warned 3 times, you will be banned.

10. Please use correct grammar! No: plz can't i have that yummy meat l8r? Sad Yes: Sky looked up at Shadow and whined sadly, "Can't I have some of that yummy meat later?"

~Last but certainly not least, HAVE FUN!~
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RPG Rules
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