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 Signup Template

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PostSubject: Signup Template    Mon Aug 23, 2010 8:40 pm

So, this is where you sign up. Here's the template...





Age (seasons):


Physical Description/Picture:



Kin (if any):

That's it, unless you want to add a short note on there about something. Example of one of my wolves...

Name: Willow

Pack: Shadows

Gender: Female

Rank: Alpha

Age (seasons): 15

Personality: Flaring temper, but nice and funny on the inside. Will do anything to protect her pack, and is kind to everyone, even omegas and lone wolves.

Physical Description/Picture:

History: No wolf knows. Elders say the alpha vanished one day, a white wolf, and only Willow came back, with no memory, no recollections of who she was except for her name. Perhaps she does remember, but she will never tell.

Mate/Crush: None, yet.

Kin (if any): Apparently, they are all dead, because Willow came to the pack, bloodstained and terrified.

Post all wolves in a new thread, please. Have fun!
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Signup Template
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