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PostSubject: Plot   Plot Icon_minitimeMon Aug 23, 2010 8:48 pm

The packs that have inhabited the Valley for as far back as any wolf remembers were scattered by something, something so powerful, it made the earth tremble. Cracks and new rivers have since then formed in the Valley, but so have avalanches and landslides. Many wolves have fallen prey to these new disasters, such as Willow's beta, Raven. The wolves of the Valley will need all their wit and strength to find each other and to pull the packs together again.

-Wolves Confirmed Alive-

~Willow (currently in a makeshift den somewhere inside the territory of the Pack of Shadows)

-Wolves Confirmed Dead-

~Raven (trapped in a landslide)

-Other Worries-

~Predators preying on pups and fyrens

~Natural disasters

All alphas please PM me for more info on what's next!
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