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 Common Gestures

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PostSubject: Common Gestures   Common Gestures Icon_minitimeSat Aug 21, 2010 8:21 pm

Rolling over on back, legs in air - Let's play!

Rolling over on back, legs in air, whine - You're stronger than me/submission

Gums/lips drawn back (looks like a smile) - happiness

Lying down, avoiding eye contact, whining - I'm not a threat to you/You're the leader/I'm leaving! (used after threat)

Lying down, nose pointing down, touching ground, whining, ears flattened - basically, super submission, usually only used by rogue wolves who have just joined the pack. (wolves who are not very trusted)

Look to the side, avoiding eye contact, whine - You're boss/submission/sadness

Ears flattened, snarls, tail half between legs, fur on neck standing up - Fear, but if threatened it will still attack

Ears flattened, whine - Fear/submission/sadness

Ears flattened, tail wagging and head lowered - Friendliness, playful, submission (to friends of same rank)

Pointing ears forward - paying close attention, trying to hear information.

Walking stiff legged, shoulders hunched, tail straight down - Pissed off

Sniffing the ground, diverting attention - showing that s/he does not want to cause any trouble

Ears partially flattened and neck stretched out, tense posture and shudders, whimpers, moans, tail low, may be tucked in - anxiety

Move tail 90 degrees, pointing straight back - I'm not scared/I'm not moving/defiance

Tail wagging, mouth open, panting mildly - happiness

Tail down - submission to alpha, used at almost all times while with pack

Tail diagonal - caution

Tail curled up on back - alpha gesture (alphas only)

Tail between legs - fear

Tail slightly raised (45 degrees) - happiness

Tail straight up - signifies leadership (used by alphas), defiance to alpha (should never use in front of alpha!)

Step forward slowly, rub muzzles - Let's start a pack together. (love)

Step forward quickly, growl - Leave. (polite)

Step forward quickly, bite/snap in midair - Leave now! (threat)

Step forward quickly, nip at paw - Get out! (angry, about to fight)

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Common Gestures
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