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 Wolf Ranks

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PostSubject: Wolf Ranks   Wolf Ranks Icon_minitimeSun Aug 22, 2010 12:50 pm

In order:

~ The Alpha Pair ~

Alphas are the leaders of the pack. They lead, the only wolves in their pack who are allowed to keep their tails straight up. There is usually one alpha male and one alpha female, who are mates for life, or at least until one dies.

~ The Beta Wolf ~

The Beta is the adviser of the pack. Usually, there is only one Beta, but there can be two Betas who are partners. The Beta takes over when the Alphas are missing (birthing, patrolling, etc.) but will not usually take full control until the pack is sure of both Alphas' death. The Beta is usually very friendly to the Alpha and is one of the most trusted wolves in the pack.

~ The Caretaker/s ~

This wolf, or sometimes wolves, if there are many pups, not only looks after the pups, but nurses and feeds them.

~ The Pup-Sitter/s ~

This wolf, or sometimes wolves, if there are many pups, take care of the pups in their parents' absence. Only looks after the pups, rarely feeds them.

~ The Scout/s ~

This wolf, or sometimes - you get the point, patrols the camp where they are resting, and watches for and lone wolves or rival packs nearby. They also patrol and look out for dangers to he pups, such as grizzly bears, coyotes, and badgers. They are also messengers to other packs.

~ The Subordinates ~

Subordinates are the adult members of the pack. The caretaker, scout, and pup-sitter are all also subordinates. Subordinates are ranked by age more than jobs. For example, a 5 year old subordinate would rank higher than a 3 year old scout, but the 3 year old scout would rank higher than a 3 year old subordinate with no job.

~ The Juveniles ~

The juveniles are wolves that are old enough to not be pups anymore, but too young to be a subordinate.

~ The Shaman ~

The shaman is special, in that it doesn't have a rank. They eat whenever they want when they live with the pack without being questioned, though never before the alpha. Their rank is about equivalent to the Beta. Shamans usually have spiritual connections to Lupis, wolf heaven. They also usually live alone and only come the the packs in times on need. Alphas will occasionally come to the shamans for guidance.

~ The Healers ~

The healers live with the pack, their rank a bit higher than the normal subordinate, but not as high as the Beta. They know how to use medicinal herbs and remedies, and are very respected in the pack.

~ The Pups ~

The pups are baby wolves. Simple.

~ The Omega ~

The omega is the scapegoat of the pack, so to speak. Omegas take the heat for all the pack's frustration and tension. Omegas are sometimes treated as slaves. Omegas are usually hated by the pack, though some do make friends, but very rarely. Omegas are usually innocent wolves with bad family, such as the pup of a raped wolf, pups of a traitor or prisoner, a lone wolf who has joined the pack, or a wolf with a birth defect. Sometimes, omegas will rise in rank over time, especially if it is a lone wolf who has joined the pack.

The order of eating - Alphas - Shamans - Betas - Healers - Older Subordinates w/job - Older Subordinates - Younger Subordinates w/job - Younger Subordinates - Juveniles - Pups - Lone Wolves (who have joined the pack) - Omega
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Wolf Ranks
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